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Under 8's Information

Welcome to the under 8's page. This age group is for children in the school year 3 age group starting on 1st September, i.e. children aged 7 on the 1st of September 2019.

The coaches for this age group are
Lydia Addison Tel M 07810 513 757
or e-mail lydiasianaddison@gmail.com

When do the squad train
The squad train from September to April on a Sunday Morning 10am -11am

When do the squad play matches
During the playing season September - April matches are on Sunday Mornings 11am - Noon.

How do I join
New players boys or girls are always welcome to join. If you are interested in playing mini tag rugby come down to Copley on any training session or match day.
or contact Dave Butler via e-mail davebutler@orrufc.co.uk
telephone 01422 371672

Under 8's Latest News - 01/08/19

There are a few roles we would like parents to help with and take some of the workload off the coaches.

Assistant coaches
If there are any parents who would like to help with the coaching please contact Dave Butler. We will arrange courses you can attend and develop your coaching skills. For u7s rugby we will place trainee coaches on the rugby ready and tag rugby courses.

Match reporters
We also would like a parent or parents to help with writing match reports for the website and the local newspaper. We just require the result, who scored tries, the playing squad. If you wish yo can add a match summary with any man of match winners etc.

Team manager
We require a team manager to welcome new players and ensure they become RFU registered and create a player ID card to allow them to play competitive games.

Season 2018-19 - The under 7s

This season the squad played their first season of competitive rugby. They played 4 a side mini tag rugby on a 12x20m pitch. There are very few rules in order to keep the game as simple as possible in the players first season of competitive rugby.

The squad had a great start winning most games and losing only 1 game to Rochdale upto the Xmas break. In the second half of the season their only loss was to Brodleans in three friendly games. Some under 6 players joined the squad after their 6th birthday and played very well, so if we can keep these players over the summer we will have a rready made u7s season for the 2019-20 season.

We do need more coaches to make a team of 2-3 coaches with RFU Coaching qualifications. They will ensure all players of all abilities have a pleasurable rugby experience in a safe and controlled environment.

Under 7's Playing record
Played 17 won 9 drew 4 lost 4 For 222 Ag 202
Results 2018-19

Under 7s Playing Honours
No playing honours

The u7s Awards
Player of the year Alex Murphy
Most improved player award Dylan Willows.
Coaches player of the year Thomas Ashurst.

u7s Squad
Maxwell Bateman-Foster, William Cooke, Euan Jones, Oliver Lister, Finlay Midgley, Alex Murphy, Frankie Sanderson, Henry Smith, Milo Williams, Dylan Willows, Oliver Woodhouse

Season 2019-20 - The under 8s

This season the squad play their second season of competitive rugby. They play 6 a side mini tag rugby on a 22m x 45m pitch. There are very few rules in order to keep the game as simple as possible in the players early seasons of competitive rugby. Player development concentrates on being able to pass and receive a pass while walking and running then catch and pass the ball in one movement while running.. They should start to call for the ball and move into space to catch the ball and start to evade the taggers.

We would like enough players to run 2 teams and need around 16 players in the squad. If we have enough players we will run a third team on match days.

We need a team of 2-3 coaches with RFU Coaching qualifications. They will ensure all players of all abilities have a pleasurable rugby experience in a safe and controlled environment. There are will be a number of players returning again this year but it would be great to see more new arrivals, both those who are encountering rugby for the first time or those who are looking to supplement some experience gained at school or other clubs. The emphasis is on enjoyment and team spirit through rugby. Winning is an enjoyable experience, but if you achieve pleasure from the game success often comes as a by-product.

Under 8s activities/skill development

The under 8s play 6 a side tag rugby (no contact) on a 22 x 45m pitch. On match day Sundays the squad meet at 10am and train/warm up till 11am when the matches start. Some Sundays are dedicated to training/player development, these are on average one Sunday per month (see fixtures on the menu bar). For more information on the under 8s activities/development click on the link below.
Under 8s development
Under 8s rules of play

What kit do I need from the Club Kit Shop

If you are coming along for the first time, you will need:
A T-shirt (warm weather)or T shirt and rugby shirts (for cold weather).
shorts and/or track suit bottoms.
a track suit top or fleece.
trainers or rugby/football boots.
a drink bottle with your name on it.

If you decide you want to continue, the following kit is essential

Club shirt, shorts and socks,
Waterproof top/Fleece,
rugby mitts (optional) from the club shop.
A mouthguard from under 9's upwards.
Football or rugby boots with metal studs
A dry change of clothes, towel and a boot bag for after the match unless you don't mind having a muddy car!

Interested in Sponsoring the Minis

Anyone interested in sponsoring the Minis please contact any of the coaches or people below. The amount can be as little as £5 upwards. The money goes into a pot to buy equipment such as balls, tag belts, tackle shields, training shirts, coaching tops, marker cones and poles. The list is endless there is always new equipment to buy or replace worn out equipment.

Please contact Dave Butler via e-mail davebutler@orrufc.co.uk
or phone 01422 371672

The minis are Sponsored by

Howorth Hollings
The Clubhouse, Copley
Halifax West Yorkshire
Telephone  01422 353919
e-mail  rugby@orrufc.co.uk
Colours Maroon, White, Black
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