1st XV

Tommy Edwards Trophy- Players Player
Tommy Edwards was a Copley lad who was Social member number 1 in 1965. He was a Church Warden and played football in his younger days. He was in the Royal Navy during WW2 and sat regularly on the Bar stool in the corner.

GCM Hoyle Trophy - Coaches Award
This trophy was presented to the club by G.C.M Hoyle`s family in 2006. G.C.M.Hoyle was President of the Club in 1935-36 to 1946-47 and was the first post war president. He attended Rishworth School.

Terry Higgins Trophy - Best Newcomer
This trophy was awarded by Terry Higgins who owned Jack Lees Sports Shop in Halifax. Terry played rugby union for Yorkshire.

Geoff Eastwood Trophy - Player of the Year
Geoff was captain of the club from 1969-1973. He was a wing threequarter and even if you had played poorly made you feel 10 feet tall. He played at Halifax RUFC and was a good sprinter. Good Clubman.

Dave O`Boyle Trophy - Clubman of the Year
Dave was introduced to the club by Peter Simms and formally played football for Queensbury. Dave was at home at second row or back row. He was sadly killed in a car crash on the way to York in July 1981. His widow Margaret presented the first award to Brian Conroy in 1982.

Peter Firminger Trophy - Most Improved Player
Peter was President of the Club from 1978-1980, and was Treasurer for many years. An Accountant he was a gentle prop forward and died suddenly of a heart attack.

Season Geoff Eastwood
Player of Year
Peter Firminger
Most Improved Player
Terry Higgins
Most promising
Newcomer Trophy
Tommy Edwards
Players' Player
Dave O'Boyle
Clubman of Year
GCM Hoyle Trophy
Coaches Award
2000 - 2001 Julie Zientek
2001 - 2002 Ken Fox
2002 - 2003 Martin Brook
2003 - 2004 Martin Brook
2004 - 2005 Dave Morley
2005 - 2006 Dave Morley
2006 - 2007 Simon Edmundson
2007 - 2008 Dave Butler
2008 - 2009 Tom Clough Richard Turner Anthony Oxley Aaron Canning Derek Lister
2009 - 2010 Anthony Shoesmith Joe Billing Bob Collins Anthony Shoesmith Chris Fox/G Rollings Gary Morris/S Edmundson
2010 - 2011 Ben Robinson Reuben Pollard Phil Kershaw Ben Robinson Marie Fox Gary Morris
2011 - 2012 Reuben Pollard Fraser Swarbrooke Harry Collett Reuben Pollard Fred Dawson Luke Illingworth

2nd XV

Season Player of the Year Most Improved Player Old Codger of the year Players Player
2007 - 2008
2008 - 2009 Bob Collins Jonathan Burgess Andy Sadler
2009 - 2010 Will Brian Andy Thomas Tim Forrester Ian Teasdale
2010 - 2011 Luke Dawrant Liam Normanton Andrew Aldridge Andrew Brian