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    Parents Introduction to youth rugby
    As a parent you will no doubt want your son/daughter to enjoy their involvement in rugby union in a safe enjoyable environment where there are opportunities to learn and develop rugby skills and also have fun. The club also likes you to support your child by becoming involved with your child's activities as much as possible. There are many areas within the club which rely on volunteer help to make the mini/junior section a success. Without parent support it would not run. There is nearly always a job to suit you and the time you have to spare. You will be surprised how often it its a rewarded use of your time. Some parents can give up more time than others depending on circumstances and above all we still want you to able to watch and support your child playing. Being involved with the club also brings an opportunity to meet and socialise with other parents and means you too can have fun and share the enjoyment with your child. Please try and help if you possibly can.

    How can I help
    Running a successful mini/junior section involves numerous tasks both on match/training days and other days during the week. The more parents who are involved the better as it eases everyones work load and provides cover when there are times you are unavailable.

    We can always provide opportunities for parents who want to get involved beyond spectating and committee members are always keen to include anyone with time and skills to offer. We encourage people to pair-up and share tasks so you would not be on your own.

    What areas can I help with

    Matches and Training
    When watching your child training or playing in a game there are times when the coaches need help especialy on dates when one of the coaches are away or at a festival. You can alays help a coach by running the line, helping to put tag belts on, making sure the children have water to drink or keeping note of the scores and who scores. During training sessions coaches often neeed help from the parents eg holding tackle bags, help set up training equipment, organising players into groups and helping with certain training drills. At the start and end of sessions please try and help the coach returning any equipment into the storage containers. Just ask the coaches if they want any help with the session.

    Match Reporters
    Now we are running Under 7's, 8's, 9's,10's and 11/12's competitive matches plus the juniors under 13's to under 17's we need additional volunteers to help write up a match report for each age group. Ideally we require one person for each age group and a couple of additional people to cover for weeks when people are away or to work a rota system. At present we need some help with the under 7's, under 14's, 15's and under 16's, ideally we need 2 volunteers for each age group.

    All we require are the try scorers, match award winners plus the squad list so that everyone gets a mention in the local paper and on the web site. If you wish to add extra comments about the game so much the better. The reports can then be e-mailed to davebutler@orrufc.co.uk. Match reports need to reach the Evening Courier by Tuesday lunch time to meet the deadline for Thursdays Junior Sports Section.

    Reporting on the games in the Evening Courier gives us a source of recruiting more players and spreading the word around Halifax about the minis and junior rugby at the club. Also the players like to see their names and photos in the local paper.

    We always need coaches for the mini/juniors. Our aim is to have 4-5 coaches per age group. Any parent who would like to try coaching should start by working with a qualified coach then apply to attend the appropriate course. The club will cover the cost of any chargeable courses. There is a web page listing all the courses available see the follwing link View Courses and the parent should discuss with Glen Cockroft our coaching co ordinator which courses are most appropriate depending on which age group they are working with.

    No game can be played without a referee. If you are interested in trying yor hand at being a referee contact Glen Cockroft our referee co ordinator. Its best if you start to referee mini games at under 7/8's and progress through the age groups to referee the junior games.

    If refereeing is not for you or you may be interested in refereeing but not sure try running the line first. Having 2 linesmen is a big help to the referees. Just have a chat with your childs coaches and they will explain whats required to be a linesman.

    Club Shop
    Dave Butler curently runs the club shop but needs help. Contact Dave if you can help him on a Sunday.

    First Aider
    If you have a medical background eg doctor, nurse or a physio we do need your expertise on training/match days in case there are any injuries.